Mold Inspection & Remediation Services

When was the last time your home was inspected for mold? 

A mold inspection is crucial to protecting the safety of your home, especially if it has recently been exposed to any conditions involving moisture, such as water leaks, flooding, or excessive humidity. Major storms and torrential rains can also trigger growth, but quickly scheduling an inspection can help detect mold growth in its early stages and prevent further spreading. 

When it comes to mold, you can never be too cautious. It is a serious threat to both your health and your home. 

Did you know… 

  • Most types of mold thrive in warm, humid conditions 
  • Some molds can begin growing as soon as 24-48 hours after moisture exposure
  • Mold can cause various health problems and worsen pre-existing medical conditions 
  • Dead mold spores are just as harmful as live ones
  • Many building materials provide nutrients that encourage mold growth

We Care!

Finding mold in your home can be an alarming realization. We want to help every step of the way to ensure your family is healthy and safe. 

Our partner, Green Home Solutions TrueEnviro, ensures fast, thorough, and personalized treatment plans. Their remediation services are designed to discover the source of mold and eliminate it as quickly as possible. Visit their website to schedule an inspection.