Home Inspections in Houston, TX

Work With An Experienced Texas Home Inspector

Your inspection is subject to the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission which can be found at The TREC Standards of Practice are the minimum standards for inspections by TREC-licensed inspectors. An inspection addresses only those components and conditions that are present, visible, and accessible at the time of the inspection. While there may be other parts, components or systems present, only those items specifically noted as being inspected were inspected. In the report, the inspector will note which systems and components were inspected (I), Not Inspected(NI), Not Present (NP), and/or Deficient (D). General deficiencies include inoperability, material distress, water penetration, damage, deterioration, missing parts, and unsuitable installation.


The inspector is not required to prioritize or emphasize the importance of one deficiency over another. The inspection is not an exhaustive inspection of the structure, systems, or components. A real estate inspection helps reduce some of the risk involved in purchasing a home, but it cannot eliminate these risk. Items identified on the report as deficient do not obligate any party to make repairs or take action, when reported. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain further evaluations or cost estimates from qualified service professionals.