Home Care Tips

Baby Proofing Part 1

Dish Washer Maintenance

Front Loading Washing Machines

Garbage Disposal Jams

Fun Household Tricks 2

Water Your Foundation the Right Way!


Replacing Fridge Water Filters


Replacing A Toilet Flapper

Self Closing Doors


Improperly Installed Deadbolts


Hard Water Deposits


Fun Household Tricks


Flushing A Water Heater

Checking A Flapper

Adjusting Fill Valves

AC Condenser

Finding A Stud

Extension Cord Storage

Changing A Furnace Filter

Painting Process

Replacing an Electrical Outlet

Unclogging A Slow Drain

Shutoff Valves

Nail Pops

GFCI Outlet Basics

Repairing a Medium Drywall Hole

Replacing an Electrical Outlet

Installing a Hinge Pin Doorstop

Preparing to Paint

Our Value Added Services

Screen Replacement

Repairing a Small Drywall Hole

Rewiring a Lamp